Salto Music is an international live music agency based in London, UK, established in 2015. We work with Latin American and Spanish acts from all over the world throughout Europe and the UK. We aim to achieve a solid relationship with both the promoters and the musicians, and develop and support the musicians’ career in the UK and Europe.

Our artists’ musical repertoire can be very varied. The artists we represent come from folk, pop, rock, jazz and other world musical origins and influences.

who we are


          ANA SORS

Originally from Venezuela, Ana made the jump to the UK nine years ago.  Her love of music started in her teenage years at the Teresa Carreño Theatre in Caracas, where she ushered thousands of people into the venue and saw a large number of national and international musicians. Ana has worked in the travel and the entertainment industry for several years. She has a CertHE (Arts Management) from the University of London. She now represents prominent bands and musicians from Venezuela.


     Silas Kendall

Silas originated from Southend-On-Sea in the era of Dr. Feelgood, Eddie and the Hotrods, Talk Talk, Kursall Flyers and many more. Spent time managing a number of artists, before acting as promoter for a 3 day community festival “Gig in the Park”, procuring headline acts. Silas spent fourteen years working for Gig in the Park, before moving to artistic programming at FolkEast in 2012. He has been actively involved with many aspects of the music industry over the last 25 years and sees Salto Music as a natural extension to both his and Ana’s expertise.