Anelis Assumpção

Brazilian singer/songwriter Anelis Assumpção

Started her music career at the age of eighteen doing the backing vocals in the band of her father, a prominent singer and composer from São Paulo, Itamar Assumpção. She then played in the band  "DonaZica",  together with singer/songwriters Iara Rennó and Andréia Dias.

Anelis starts her solo career in 2007. Her first album "Sou suspeita, estou sujeita ,não sou santa" released in 2011 comprises a mix of samba,  reggae, and hip hop with inevitable features from her dad's music. This album started getting considerable attention, with Anelis trying to get an identity for herself in the Brazilian music scene, away from Itamar Assumpçao's legacy. In 2014 her second album "Amigos Imaginários" is released and immediately gets thousands of streamings  within the first weeks of its launch. With this album, by now Anelis strong representation of the Avant Garde movement of São Paulo (Vanguardia Paulista), was awarded the Deezer Prize for Best New Artist in 2014 and APCA prize for Best New Artist in 2015.

In her second album "Amigos Imaginários" she introduced a wider range of styles which includes rock, pop and rap. This album includes collaboration from well known musicians from Brazil such as Russo Passapusso, Ceú, Alzira Espindola, Jerry Espíndola y ArrudA.

Singing in English, Portuguese and Spanish, Anelis’s lyrics feature an uncompromising poetry, social criticism, intertwined words, food and love stories. Currently recording her third album to be released next year, inspired mostly by her urban life in a megalopolis like São Paulo and by what she cooks in her own kitchen.



The new single Segunda a Sexta will be released tomorrow 26 January on all online platforms.

New single Receita Rápida was release on 20 October 2017. The song was written by her late father and never recorded by him.

Anelis Assumpção selected as one of the acts to perform at FIMPRO (International Professional Music Fair) in Ciudad de Mexico in May. More here

Anelis Assumpção e os Amigos Imaginários will make her showcase next 22 October at Womex 16 in Santiago de Compostela.