grupo compay segundo

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The return to Europe of the Grupo Compay Segundo, the Legend Of Chan Chan.

As a true master of words and music, Compay Segundo has become a legend in Cuba and has been very popular everywhere in the world. With his cigar and his panama  hat on his head, he mastered the armonico like nobody else. (A seven strings guitar he created)

After he passed away in July 2003, his son, Salvador Repilado, who was also his double bass player, became director of his orchestra.

Along with his father and Hugo Garzon they took part in the Buena Vista Social Club project, and their song "Chan Chan" then became the masterpiece of this project.

As official ambassadors of the Cuban music around the world, the Grupo Compay Segundo proudly carries the identity of the "Son" and the traditional Cuban music.

From now on, the band does not stop to go all over the world keeping on captivating every kind of audience. They have also been  featured with great artists such as: Omara Portuondo, Eliades Ochoa, Charles Aznavour, Teresa Garcia Caturla, Isaac Delgado, Lou Bega...

« Macusa », Saboroso », « Anita », « las Flores de la Vida », as well as the legendary « Chan Chan », are songs that the musicians from the Grupo Compay Segundo, play for us on stage as a real cheerful gift.

This is an amazing show that no Cuban SON aficionados would miss!