Gaêlica is a folk/pop band and it has positioned as one of the most succesful bands in Venezuela. Formed by five members, the band blends Celtic and Latin American music. The band officially formed in 2001 after making a successful soundtrack for a theatre play, which required Celtic Music. Following this, they kicked off the interest in Celtic music in Venezuela with their album “Iberica & Latina” fifteen years ago and have grown in popularity since. Their latest album “Luz: Una Navidad Celta en Venezuela” sold over twenty thousand copies.

Gaêlica is the only band with this style in the country and have managed to create a very unique music that includes Arabic to Irish, passing through flamenco, tango, and Afro-Venezuelan beats, flavours that demonstrate the multicultural influences that pervade Venezuela today. They have achieved golden discs for all of their 4 released albums and numerous sold out concerts.

They are very conscious of their mestizo identity and they celebrate it. They are vibrant, mesmerising with their sounds. Gaêlica has come a long way. In 2013 they were nominated for both the Latin Grammy Awards as “Best Folk Album” and the Pepsi Music Awards as “Best Fresh Band” for their album “Luz”.

The sound of their music is generous in tone and spirited. Even though the lifetime of the band has lived in a period of political, economical and social struggle in Venezuela they have managed to create music that lifts the soul and invites us to celebrate harmony and union between people and cultures. The very ethos of Gaêlica!

From the new album, due to be released in the last quarter of 2016, Gaêlica have made available, two singles “Brújula” and “Buen día” that are a sample of the eclectic and charismatic composition within the band. This is modern Folk!

With this album they demonstrate how they have expanded and matured together; their music is resonant, makes you want to move with their melodies. The songs include lyrics composed by their own members.


Gaêlica is awarded two Pepsi Music Awards 2017 on 14th February, "Best World Music Artist of the Year" and "Best World Music Song of the Year" for "Buen Día".

Gaêlica confirmed to play at Warwick Folk Festival in the UK on 30th July 2017.

Gaêlica gives a very significant and powerful concert at the Teresa Carreño Theatre in Caracas, Venezuela together with the Teresa Carreño Symphony Orchestra directed by their conductor Christian Vásquez. Watch the whole concert here

In June 2016 Gaêlica played a cover of  "A song of ice fire" from the popular series "The Game of Thrones" . The theme was directed by Christian Vásquez,  Head of the Teresa Carreño Simphony Orchestra  and the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.

Watch the video here

Happy to share Gaêlica has been nominated for the Pepsi Music Awards 2016 for "Best Artist of the Year" -- You can vote here