Pedro Barboza Quartet

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Pedro Barboza is a Venezuelan guitarist and composer. Pedro has  been developing a rhythmic, timbral and harmonic language. A myriad of influences are expressed in Pedro Barboza’s playing comprises, free improvisation, traditional and contemporary music.

Pedro Barboza is also Music Director of the "Escuela Itinerante de Música" (EIM) in Caracas, Venezuela. He obtained his music degree at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston in the US. At the Rotterdam conservatory in the Netherlands he studied Composition. Not long after, he obtained an MA with honours in electroacustic composition under the tutelage of John Palmer at the Hertfordshire University in the UK.  He received a scholarship by the Phonos Foundation in Barcelona, Spain and studied composition under the tutelage of Gabriel Brnic, at the Pompeu Fabra University; where he extended his research into the language of free improvisation and electroacustic music. 

After years dedicated to research and teaching, he founded and directed the "Escuela Itinerante de Música" (EIM) in Caracas, Venezuela,  which was created with the intention to expand teaching opportunities for Venezuelan young musicians. He teaches at the "Universidad Experimental de las Artes" (UNEARTE) in Caracas. Pedro also founded the transdisciplinary lab creation or in Spanish "Laboratorio de Creación Transdisciplinaria". His most recent publications have been published both in Venezuela and internationally, among them: " Mil Mesotics, procesos de creación entre disciplinas", "Creación transdisciplinaria , más allá de la creación entre disciplinas" and "Necesitamos el encuentro de creadores de diferentes disciplinas".

His repertoire has been performed in various international stages. Pedro is considered one of the most important guitarists of the current musical scene in Venezuela. His band works together in the true jazz style.  They come across with a fresh repertoire loaded with Afro Venezuelan rhythms and sonorous textures. 

Currently he is working in various multidisciplinary projects and among them, he is directing the "Patchwork Ensamble" which includes sound, movement, text and images as a representation of  the contemporary language of creation.


Pedro has been recently interviewed by the ExpressNews UK newspaper.

You can read the interview in Spanish here


Pedro Barboza is performing at the Festival Internacional de Música de Canarias from 15th to  20th January of 2017.

Here you can read a review of one of the editions of this rare presentation called Pedro Barboza Patchwork Ensemble