Yoyo Borobia

The Singer/songwriter YoYo Borobia is a clear example of a mixture of influences given by the various places where she lived and traveled. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela  to Spanish parents. She later lived in Madrid, Paris and has been living in Brazil since 2011. 

She began her musical studies at the age of seven playing the cuatro (a Venezuelan four strings guitar) and singing Venezuelan folk songs.

While doing her administrative studies she became more involved in her music training. This was key for Yoyo to embark in her music career fully. She participated in several music projects that ranged from jazz, soul, gospel, funk, a cappella to Spanish and Latin American music. This mix of different styles influenced her current compositions which come across as ethnically  eclectic. Her current musical work is a mix of World and electronic music but she is always exploring new ways of taking her musical work further.

In 2014 in São Paulo she began to write and compose her own songs. She started receiving  invitations to participate in several events in many cities in Brazil (São Paulo, Recife, in Caxias do Sul  in the South of Brazil) and the "Festival Brasileiro de Musica de Rua" in Serra Gaucha. She also organised a tour in Europe in 2015, performing in Spain, Portugal, France and Belgium before releasing her first album.

 Thanks to the support of followers of her work,  using a crowdfunding campaign, it was possible the finance for her first album, released in February 2016. 

Yoyo worked in partnership with Dj and producer Deeplick to create a new solo show with electronic foundations.  This  project has Hispano-American and Brazilian music influences including new arrangements with a modern sound.

In 2016 Yoyo spent a great deal of time touring in Europe performing in  prestigious music venues such as Casa da Musica de Porto in Portugal, Funkhaus in Cologne, Germany and at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK.

Yoyo started touring last December in Chile and she is currently in Argentina. This year her plan is moving to the city of Porto in Protugal.



Yoyo Borobia had a succesful tour trhoughout Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. She performed over 40 concerts within the first three months of 2017 including "Cordoba Festival de Mujeres" - Cordoba Women Festival-  in Argentina. She was also a special guest on the TV programme "Buen Día Uruguay" 

Check Yoyo Borobia's  recent video here with a recopilation of her ongoing tour around  Europe and South America since last summer 2016 until the spring of 2017. Enjoy and share!